1997 Conference
East Anglia

Gender and Space in the Middle Ages
University of East Anglia, 7th-8th January 1997

7th January 1997


  • Anne Birrell, Clare Hall, Cambridge: Panopticon is her Bedroom: Love Lyrics of Early Medieval China
  • A.C. Spearing, University of Virginia: Public and Private Space in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
  • Kim Phillips, University of York: Damsels in the Tower? Service, Space amd Community in Noble Households


  • David Wallace, University of Pennsylvania: Female Rhetoric and Domestic Violence
  • Catherine Lyon, University of East Anglia: Langland’s Virgin: Women’s Space and Feminist Theory in Piers Plowman
  • Lisa Darien, University of California, Berkeley: Mapping the Peace-Weaver’s Web: Spatial Metaphors for the Study of Old English Literature


  • Katherine Lewis, University of York: Reading the Life of St Katherine of Alexandria in the Late Medieval Household: The Creation of Feminine Devotional Space
  • Katie Normington, University of Greenwich: Women, Space and Sin in the Corpus Christi Cycle

8th January 1997


  • Earl Jeffrey Richards, University of Wuppertal: Where are the Men? in Christine de Pizan’s City of Ladies? Architectural and Allegorical Structures in Christine de Pizan’s Livre de la Cité des Dames
  • Michael R. Evans, University of Nottingham: Inside and Outside the Brothel: A Prostitute’s Place on the Third Crusade
  • Miriamne A. Krummel, Lehigh University: Marie de France, Lanval and BL MS Cotton Vespasian: Masculine Space and Female Gender


  • David Lawton, University of East Anglia: Chaucer and the Gender of Politics
  • Linda Tarte Holley, North Caroline State University: Space and Gender: Moving Heaven and Earth

1245-1300 Business Meeting


  • Mary Beth Davis, Central European University: Margery Kempe, the Spoken Word and the Seven Spiritual Works of Mercy
  • Sam Riches, University of Leicester: The Virgin and the Dragon: The Spatial Representation of the Chastity/Sexuality Paradigm in a Late-Fifteenth-Century Alabaster Retable
  • Annette Kern-Stahler, Bonn University: A Room of One’s Own: Enclosure without Privacy in Late Medieval Nunneries: The Lincoln Visitation Returns 1429-49

Organiser: Sarah Salih