2022 Conference

Resilience, Persistence, and Agency

The American University of Paris, Paris, France
On-site and online
5th – 7th January 2022

Registration is now open. 

Our Conference Programme is available here

We have three keynote speakers:
Dr Dorothy Kim (Brandeis University)
Dr. Roberta Magnani (Swansea University)
Dr. Anna Russakoff (The American University of Paris)  

Resilience in the face of adversity for marginalized individuals, persistence in the face of obstacles created by hegemonic power structures, and creative or subversive forms of agency were as often exerted by feminine and queer actors in the Middle Ages as they are in the twenty-first century. Contemporary medieval scholarship is inflected by intersectional feminist frameworks that explore how individuals can understand and subvert power structures in the face of multiple oppressions, postcolonial studies that broadens our understanding of what constitutes a “Middle Ages,” and critical race theory that invites medievalists to interrogate the history of their discipline and the pernicious ends to which “medievalism” has been put in contemporary white supremacist discourses.

This edition of the Gender and Medieval Studies Conference invites papers that examine how resilience, persistence, and agency were deployed by actors during the global Middle Ages and
how medieval studies can play an activist role in deconstructing the misperceptions of the period that buttress oppressive politics.

If you are attending in person, you can find a list of hotels here.

Conference organiser: Elizabeth Kinne (gmsconference2022@gmail.com)

Visit the Gender and Medieval Studies website at https://medievalgender.co.uk/ and find us on Twitter @medievalgender.